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Can anyone call themself a therapist or a counsellor?

The BBC recently posted a short video looking at the above question (link). The truth is that the terms Counsellor or Psychotherapist are not protected terms and anyone can set themselves up as such.

Long Term Back Pain – what’s in the mind?

This article in the Guardian was sent to me. As a long term sufferer myself I found it interesting but not too surprising. I won’t dwell on the “business” aspects of the article but from a counselling point of view the interesting bit starts around the 6th paragraph from the end.

Extreme PMS and extreme emotions

Whilst PMS can cause difficulties for many women, here is a story of the extreme end of the scale.

Is your medication making your depressed?

Reported on the BBC website today is a study from the US about how medications can actually make you depressed.

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