Caswell Counselling

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About Counselling

Counselling has many different meanings for different people. My aim with counselling is to provide a space to allow clients to begin to understand themselves and their life processes more completely. Clients have all sorts of reasons to seek out counselling from feelings of  “somethings just isn’t right” to issues of grief and depression. There is no right reason to come to counsellor and no wrong reason either.

Counselling can be short term (6-8 weeks) or long term and can cover one or more topics. I’m also a great believer in viewing the counselling space as an opportunity for self development. There are many similarities with coaching which professional clients may wish to exploit.

You don’t have to be referred to see me, you don’t have to have a diagnosis of “what is wrong”, you simply need to have the desire to come and explore. My theoretical model draws on three of the main “schools” of Psychotherapy.

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